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Training Curriculum

ARPAST places an extremely high importance on training and education as we believe that this is yet another key differentiator of our organization - both philosophically and organizationally. How many times have you seen other "ghost hunting groups" using equipment without a clear understanding of how to correctly utilize it, let alone scientifically interpret the results?

Before being accepted as an ARPAST Researcher, all members must complete the requisite training modules before advancing within the organization.

Some training will be provided "on the job;" however, the vast majority will be conducted at official ARPAST monthly meetings.

PLEASE NOTE: our training curriculum will be continually expanding to cover additional topics and information. If you are interested in joining ARPAST, please click here to begin the membership process.

NEW: Our online, "web-based" distance-learning curriculum is NOW avilable to our members via the members extranet.

Our training modules are copyrighted and may not be reproduced without prior written permission. For more information regarding our copyright policy, please click here.

Training module 1: Introduction to ARPAST
This module introduces the applicant to the realities and responsibilities of paranormal and anomalous research within ARPAST. This training covers our history, philosophy, guidelines, and ethics. This module also includes filling out necessary paperwork. This training is peer and leader assessed.
Training module 2: Ethics and conduct
This module examines the nature and implications of the standardized set of ethical guidelines which ARPAST has adopted. The development of ethics and professional conduct are leader assessed.
Training module 3 : Investigation Operations (INVOPS)
This module covers the framework of how investigations are organized and conducted.

In addition, further clarification and identification with our methodology, ethics and investigation protocols are explored during this module.
Training module 4: The Scientific Method
This module introduces researchers to the scientific method as well as explores the relationship between paranormal investigation, science and parapsychological research.
Training module 5: Evidence and Analysis
This module primarily familiarizes applicants with techniques of audio and video equipment utilization during investigations.

The secondary goal of this module is to train potential researchers to conduct the preliminary stage of photographic and audio analysis using a variety of software applications.
Training module 6a: Equipment Workshop (part 1)
This module introduces researchers to some of the more advanced equipment utilized on ARPAST investigations such as thermal imaging, full-band spectrum analysis, and IAQ (indoor air quality) analysis. Participants learn why specific equipment is used, as well as being fully cross-trained in it's proper usage.
Training module 6b: Equipment Workshop (part 2)
This module expands on part 1 with further understanding and utilization of our state-of-the-art equipment.
Training module 7: Field Experiment Workshop
This module introduces and gives potential researchers an opportunity to develop trial experiments.

Trainees are assessed on their ability to help conduct successful field experiments during investigations.
Optional training module 1 : Observer/Public Training
On occasion ARPAST conducts "open investigations" whereby members of the general public may attend.

This module is an "accelerated pace" course which covers the basics of ARPAST investigations. The information provided will be sufficient for the casual observer to participate in an investigation without directly being involved with experimentation or equipment.
Optional training module 2 : Theories of the Paranormal
This module explains some of the unscientific theories associated with conventional paranormal investigation while placing them within the context of the scientific advancement of the field.
Optional training module 3: 'Orbs' - The Rational Explanation
This seminar delves into the various (and often competing) natural and scientific explanations for the "orb phenomena"..
Optional training module 4: Natural Causes of Paranormal Experience
This training module explores various possible psychological and physiological explanations for allegedly paranormal experiences which have been advanced by skeptics.