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This Book is From the Future

The idea of time travel has tantalized humans for millennia. We can send humans into space, but roaming through time has eluded us. Do the laws of physics demand that we stay forever trapped in the present?

This Book Is From the Future examines the past, present and future states of time-travel research, but also looks at the bizarre anomalies of time itself. In this fascinating new work, you'll explore:

  • Time travel theories and machines of the past, present, and future
  • Time and the multiverse: why wormholes, parallel universes, and extra dimensions might allow for time travel
  • The paranormal aspects of time: might we already be "mentally" time traveling?
  • Mysterious time shifts, slips, and warps that people are reporting all over the world. Are we experiencing coexisting timelines?
  • Time travel conspiracy theories: Are we already walking among real time travelers? Has a real time machine already been created in a top-secret government facility?

This Book Is From the Future is a mesmerizing journey through the entire landscape of time and time-travel evolution, where we started, where we now stand, and what the future holds for us to discover, out time. 

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