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The Shadow of Solomon

Title: The Shadow of Solomon: The Lost Secrets of the Freemasons Revealed
Author: Laurence Gardner
Reviewed by: Marie D. Jones

Laurence Gardner has made quite a name for himself writing about such esoteric and intriguing subjects as the Holy Grail, the Magdalene legacy, and the Templars, so it is only natural he now extend that knowledge to the history of the Freemasons. Not to mention that he is also a past Master Mason of the United Grand Lodge of England.

In his book, “The Shadow of Solomon,” Gardner deftly documents the history of this mysterious brotherhood, from the Biblical times through the Middle Ages and Victorian Era to today, presenting a well-researched “insider’s” look at how the organization and its various offshoots have changed and evolved, and in what ways they have remained true to the basic Mason beliefs and edicts. The truth behind Masonic history is startling, as Gardner shows the Masons have been involved in many of the most profound events of our own nation’s history, including the writing of the Constitution, as well as the history of England, Scotland and France. The book is filled with historical evidence, hands on insight into Mason beliefs and rituals, the meaning of symbols and special words used by Masons, and an incredible amount of behind-the-scenes information only someone as intimately involved as the author could provide.

With over 30 color illustrations, this book is the definitive resource for learning who the Masons were, where they came from, what the believe in, and where they stand today in society. The secrets are revealed in “The Shadow of Solomon.”