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If you are experiencing what you believe to be paranormal phenomena please fill out this form and someone from our team will contact you as soon as possible. PLEASE NOTE: if the location is believed to be  physically unsafe (i.e. violence, illegal drug use, or sanitary conditions) the case will be rejected.

It might be helpful for you to maintain a log of activity so that we can better  understand any patterns occuring during the phenomenon.

If you would like to download a free log sheet, please click here to download (PDF).

Why choose ARPAST to investigate your location?

  • FREE - ARPAST services are FREE OF CHARGE. We are a non-profit organization and only wish to gather empirical data and evidence of the paranormal.
  • Supports REAL, global scientific research.
  • Internationally recognized for our contributions to the field.
  • Non-profit organization
  • Client confidentiality and security
  • Trained, professional team members
  • ARPAST utilizes over $250,000 worth of equipment
  • ARPAST does not utilize or employ seances, psychics, channeling, or ouija boards

Please note that your information is kept private and confidential. We ask certain questions on this form because it is important to our data collection.

PLEASE NOTE: We are NOT "ghost busters," nor do we do "interventions," "cleansings," or "exorcisms."

NOTE Fields marked with a * are required.

First and Last Name: *
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Address of property to be investigated: *
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When would be the best time to contact you?
Religious background: *
Square footage of property/# of rooms (if known):
How long have you occupied this location?
What are the genders, names & birthdates of ALL current occupants?
What year was the structure built (if known)?
Has there been any remodeling within the past 6 months?
Are there any cemeteries located within close proximity? (~100 yds)
Please describe the activity being experienced.
When did the events initally begin?
How often is there activity?
Do you feel threatened?
Do all occupants agree on the activity being experienced?
Are there any additional witnesses besides the occupants?
Have any occupants encountered any of the following? (Check all that apply): Unexplained Voices
Calling of your name from no apparent source
Being touched (shoulder, arm, etc.)
Tugging of clothes
Unexplained lights
Smoky forms
Sudden unexplained breezes
Hair on arms and neck standing on end
Strong random thoughts
Strong feelings of being watched or followed
Unusual cold or hot spots
Recent death of loved one
Recent anniversary (death, birthday etc.)
Tapping or knockings from no source
Mood changes, especially in one room
Door(s) opening/closing
Moving/disappearing/rearranged objects
Furniture rearranged
Movement out of the corner of your eye
Electrical disturbances (frequent bulb burnouts, etc.)
Appliances on/off
Renovations on location
Problems with appliances:
Clock/Clock Radio
Have you consulted with any other paranormal research groups, or notified members of the clergy?
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