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Promo Materials

ARPAST strives to maintain a strong, healthy working relationship with the media. Below you'll find several examples of our recent televised media appearances.

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Video Files

ARPAST Promotional Video (Long Version - 67.1MB)
ARPAST Promotional Video (Medium Length Version - 39.3MB)
ARPAST Promotional Video (Short Version - 16.8MB)
KOLR Channel 10 Interview, Pythian Castle - Springfield, MO (5.69MB)

Audio Files

ARPAST Radio Ad #1 (481 KB)

ARPAST is constantly working to involve the general public in our research. We strive to re-ignite interest in both science and paranormal research.

We do this by holding "Open Investigations" and "Paranormal Awareness Nights" in which the public is invited to watch our team in action, get involved in experiments, become an investigator for the night, and learn about the different types of equipment utilized in paranormal investigation. Below you can find a few promotional flyers from these events.