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Submitted Stories (Page 4)

Elderly Ghost Couple

We moved to Arkansas, in the Levy area, when I was a teenager. The house we lived in seemed to have the spirits of an older couple. There were many occasions when I would be home alone and my name would be called from the bedroom closet as I walked by. In one of the bedrooms you could lay on the bed and see footprints on the ceiling as well as the bed would begin to slightly shake. My dads bedroom was in the back of the house connected to the back door, along with and extra room beside it.

Every night he would lock both the back door and his bedroom door and by morning both would be standing wide open. I was actually in my dads room one day curling my hair and I could feel someone staring at me, i looked to my right and there was an old lady standing there stairing at me, at this point she disappeared. One day as my dad was leaving to go to work, he looked in his rearview mirror and there was an old man standing waving to him goodbye.

We have lived in an trailor long ago after my parents divorced I refused to sleep in my room where an older women had been slaughtered, at that point and time I was not aware of it. My tapes in my radio would play backwards occasionally.

When I was a teen playing with the quija board and witchcraft, there was an occasion when I was driving home and I went around an exteremely sharp turn where many people had went off and died by our current home. I felt as if I was being watched when I turned to look in the back seat of my car to see I had a passanger, that I was not aware of originally. At that point and time he was gone. Needless to say when I got home I burned my witchcraft book, and it stayed intact to where you could actually read every page and every word.

Submitted by Maria D. (05/20/08)

Grandmother's Spirit Part 1

My grandmother died in May, 1999 and my husband, Reggie, and I moved into her house in September, 1999. Almost immediately little things started happening; noises, footsteps, things being moved, etc., etc. Then, in a brief period of time, we remodeled the house and Reggie got deployed on a Homeland Defense Mission through the National Guard. I was alone for about a year and a half. I have found out since then, when someone remodels an old house, it is not uncommon for any spirits in the house to become restless.

I experienced several strange occurrences, but the one that stands out in my mind as the most unnerving happened early one morning. I'm an early riser and generally read an hour or so before getting ready for work. This particular morning, it was still dark, and I was reading a book on the living room couch with my cat, Sam, in my lap. The only light in the room was my reading lamp. I was sitting under the window that used to look out from the kitchen to the outside, but now opens from the kitchen into the new living room. All of a sudden, I WAS SCARED. This feeling just came over me that someone was looking down at me through the old kitchen window. Just like they say on TV, the hair on the back of my neck stood up and I couldn't move. Then- Sam sat up in my lap, looked up at the window and raised herself up like a squirrel, on her hindquarters. Keeping her eyes glued to the window, she started yelling at it.

She was making yow, yow, yow noises real fast like when a cat is after a fly or is really excited. I was scared to death- couldn't move at all. She did that for 15 or 20 seconds, stopped, backed off my lap, and jumped to the floor. She then went around to the door, and sat down staring into the utility room that connects to the kitchen. After I composed myself, I got up and went through the house, turning on the lights and looking to see if there was anyone there. There wasn't.

I got another cup of coffee and sat down awhile to collect myself and think about what had just happened. From time to time after that, Sam will act as if she sees something moving around, but that was by far the most scared I've ever been.

Submitted by Lynn B. (05/20/08)

Grandmother's Spirit Part 2

Some background for my story- My son and his wife was expecting their first child, my first grandchild, and the first great-great grandchild (in this area) for my grandmother. My grandmother was so excited about the upcoming birth of my granddaughter, Taylor. But, she never got to see her. Grandma died in May, 1999 and Taylor was born in July of the same year. Shortly after that, my husband, Reggie, and I moved into grandma's house.

This particular incident took place when Taylor was around 2 years old. One evening she was playing on a "sit and spin" in the kitchen and I was on the floor next to her. Reggie was in the living room watching the evening news. Suddenly, Taylor looked up at the utility room doorway, backed off the "sit and spin" and rushed over to crawl into my lap. Since the utility room opens into the central hallway, I assumed that Reggie had come into there and was trying to scare her. I called out to him to stop whatever he was doing and let her play. But, he was still in the living room, watching TV, and didn't know what I was talking about. A short time went by and Taylor got off my lap, got back on the "sit and spin" and went on again like nothing had happened.

A few days later it was the same scenario- me on the floor, Taylor playing on the "sit and spin", and Reggie in the living room. But, this time, my daughter, Liz, and Taylor's mother, Dona, were there sitting at the kitchen table. Once again, Taylor looked up at the utility room doorway. This time, she ducked her little chin into her chest, lifted one shoulder, jumped off the "sit and spin", and ran over to her mother to be picked up. After Dona picked her up, Taylor hid her face in Dona's chest and started whimpering. Dona asked her, "Baby, what's wrong? What do you see?" Taylor looked over at the doorway and replied "It's my Granny!" At that, I jumped up off the floor, went into the empty utility room and scolded grandma for scaring the baby. Taylor watched me and a few seconds later, she got off Dona's lap and went back to playing.

I really don't think grandma meant to scare her. I just think that she heard the baby playing and wanted to see the great-great grandchild that she had looked forward to having so much. Since then, Taylor has become very comfortable with her granny. She's never actually seen her again, but takes it for granted that she is around. She even sleeps in grandma's room by herself when she comes to visit.

Submitted by Lynn B. (09/26/08)

Pacing Poltergeist

I do not know what compels me to write this now, at this late date, except that my children asked me to tell them a scary story for Halloween.  I told them about this incident, and it is fresh on my mind.

It happened in 1988 or 1989, in Laurens, South Carolina.  I had moved there to assist the development of a new Wal-Mart Warehouse.  I knew that my move was fairly temporary, so I did not attempt to buy property, but rather, rented a trailer in a park near the warehouse.
It was a small older trailer, but since I was single, it was sufficient for my needs.  It was in good enough condition that I weathered hurricane Hugo in it while I lived there.

The trailer had another resident, however, a poltergeist.  Having had many paranormal experiences in my life, the existence of my little spirit did not frighten me, but did occasionally annoy me.  Its most common activity was to pace back and forth along the wall between my bedroom and the bathroom on the roof late at night.  This was steadied pacing, and not skittering as if an animal such as a squirrel were crossing my trailer.  At least twice, invited guests in the spare bedroom asked me the next morning why I was pacing all night.  I laughed it off as my poltergeist, and they either thought me eccentric or a jokester.

At the same time, I was very involved in finding jewelry bargains at pawnshops in the area.  One of my treasured finds was an 18 caret white gold ring with a mine cut diamond in it.  My guess from the styling and the cut of the stone is that it was created in the late 1920's.  I was so very proud of it, I even wore it to bed the night of the day I bought it.

It was a Thursday night.  I woke up from sleep for no discernable reason but was surprised that my poltergeist was not walking.  Then something grabbed my right arm above the elbow.  Immediately, the entire right half of my body jittered as if an electric shock were passing through me.  My right side was facing the wall where the activity had been going on.  It was also the side I wore the ring on.

I remember clearly seeing the ceiling light fixture and my closet doors, but not seeing whatever had hold of me.  As a matter of fact, I recall the visual images being clear on the left and shaky on the right.  Needless to say, I was frightened out of my wits.  Within seconds, I realized this was something that I can only describe as a demon, and I resorted to my Christian upbringing.  I began reciting the Lord's Prayer, the Twenty-third Psalms, and various other memorized Bible verses. After the second time through the prayer and the psalm, whatever it was, let me go.

I leapt out of bed, ripped the ring off my finger and threw it across the room.  I called a guy I had dated and begged him to let me come to his house.  I suppose he could hear the panic in my voice, because at 4:20 A.M. he had no hesitation.  He even put a pot of coffee on while I was in transit.  I raced my car to his house and told him what happened.

I called in sick at work because I was in no condition to work regardless of any explanation of the event.  I stayed at his house both Friday and Saturday nights, but by Sunday, I realized that I would have to come to some resolution of the situation and get on with my life.

Sunday afternoon, he went back to my trailer with me, Bibles in hand.
We walked through my trailer blessing each room and commanding whatever was there to leave.  We also found the ring where I had thrown it and blessed it.  I still have the ring.

That night, my friend stayed at my house, and I never heard my poltergeist again, although I experienced some vivid frightening dreams consistent with post traumatic stress syndrome.  The trailer burned completely when the next resident attempted to install a ceiling fan.

The completely rational side of me says that I might have experienced some sort of stroke, and that all the other events were coincidence. I was 28 years old at the time, and in perfect health.  I have never had any sort of stroke symptoms to date (I am 49 years old at this writing).  There were no residual effects of the event other than extreme fear, and I do not believe in coincidence.

The side of me that has experienced other paranormal events believes that the ring I bought had been sold at the pawn shop when someone else had bad things happen to them.  There are a thousand reasons people sell their things to a pawn shop, but there are seldom good events connected.  I believe that my poltergeist was a very weak demon.  I believe it found a catalyst in the ring or a focal point to expand its energy or to use some of mine.  I believe that God gave me the power I needed to expel this demon at least as long as I made that trailer my home.  Whether the later fire was unconnected or a frustrated demon who again gained a foothold, I cannot say.

Submitted by Annonymous (11/02/08)