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Paige's Experience - Gurdon & Grandma Angel

1. I grew up near Gurdon where my fathers dental practice was located. I decided at an early age I was going to prove the "Gurdon Light" was comprised only of swamp gas or something else in the area to cause the glow, however that never got past a little research and when Unsolved Mysteries came to do the story - I gave up and since nothing ever happened to me, I decided it was just a rite of passage for all of us kids to walk the train tracks in the middle of the night looking for nothing.

2. My grandmother -- She changed my mind that there may be something to the afterlife. Growing up, my grandmother was the single most important part of my life. After graduation, she talked me out of attending the U of A - my dream - to attend college in Arkadelphia. She didn't know why, she just needed me close. I stayed and a few months later she died suddenly the day after my 18th birthday in 1993. I still haven't recovered from it. Needless to say, I stayed pretty depressed for awhile, like I said, I'm probably still not over it. She was the only person in the world who knew how to get through to me. Now, the 2 instances involving her that changed my mind:

My grandfather died in 1997. It was pretty tough as well with my mom and her siblings fighting, finally selling my grandma's house, etc. My daughter was born a few months before his death. Between a new baby and him dying I was pretty close to spiraling out of control. The night I returned home after his funeral, I had a dream. I was at the cemetery alone standing over their graves. I was crying uncontrollably begging God to just let me be with them with my granny appeared and let me have it. She told me it was time to grow up, get over her dying because she's happy now. I had a daughter that needed me and it was time to pull myself together because I had been pitiful long enough and she was sick of it. I remember being in shock asking how she knew about Kara (my daughter) and she responded that she sees everything and it was time for me to grow up! Classic Granny Susie drama! Normally, I would have chalked it up to a dream and my fragile mental state at that time, but there was something about it that was not a dream. I was sure it was her - my unbelieving mother even believed she came to visit me. I really believed after what happened with Kara a few years later.

In 2000, Kara was 3. She went through a phase where I thought she had an imaginary friend, her "grandma angel". Sometimes in the morning in my mad dash to get her dressed she would say something like she couldn't sleep the night before but Grandma Angel came to visit so she didn't have to wake me up and Grandma Angel sang her songs or played with her. I just thought Kara was making it up and I was too busy to explore it any further. I actually thought Kara was crazy and hoped she would grow out of it. Then, Kara had a knot form on her shin. I thought it was no big deal. Kids get knots and bumps all the time. Her baby sitter thought we should get it examined, but my ex-husband and I both saw it as no big deal. One day her babysitter called and demanded I leave work to come get Kara. I walked in the house and there was not a thing wrong with my child except she had had a dream the night before her babysitter wanted me to know about. Kara told me, in the dramatic way that my grandmother phrased things to get my attention, about her visitor - not dream. Kara said "Mommy, Grandma Angel said that you better take me to the doctor about my leg. If you don't, I'll loose my leg but not to worry about it because I will still be a beautiful little girl and people will love me and carry me around and take care of me." Kara was 3 and making this statement! She went to the doctor. Even though her doctor thought it was no big deal, he decided to have it removed. The surgeon did not want to remove it but Kara's doctor made him. We left thinking it was just a cyst. The surgeon left a message a week later on our answering machine explaining the pathologist thought it looked odd, sent the cyst to M.D. Anderson and it was a rare form of cancer. After another few surgeries, we got it all taken care of and she's fine today outside of a huge spot missing from her leg. Had we not gotten it in time - Grandma Angel would have been correct in her loosing her leg. Needless to say, I drove Kara so crazy after that asking if she had any visits, that Grandma Angel eventually went away. There is no doubt in my mind that she was speaking to my grandmother. I now believe kids may have a gift to see things that we loose the older we get. Maybe if I wasn't so stressed and preoccupied with work, life, etc. I could have heard the messages! Granny also gave me an extremely special ring when I turned 18. She explained that she finally thought I was old enough to take care of it. The deal was - if I lost it, she would kill me. If she were dead when I lost it, she would haunt me. I wore it all the time until a few years ago. I began wearing it occasionally. A few months ago when things really started getting bad in my life, I realized I couldn't find the ring and it had been killing me. A few nights ago, I opened a drawer I never use and there it was. I cried so hard!!! I put the ring on and suddenly things began to be looking up for me finally! So, I believe in something now. There is something about Granny's family. When my mother told her grandmother she was pregnant with me (I'm 33 - now way of predicting a childs sex when I was born) my great-grandmother told mom that this being her first child, she would have a little girl on Halloween just like my great-grandmother had done. That's exactly what happened. This was predicted when mom was only 6 weeks pregnant.

Submitted by Paige P. (03/28/08)


Mr. Mack

Well when I was about 9 my mother and I lived with my grandmother. My mom had always told me stories about her experiences when she was younger but I never believed her. One night though I was laying in bed trying to sleep when I felt someone or something sit down next to me. I turned over to see if it was my mom or my grandmther but I didn't see anything. Then I remembered my moms stories and what she had told me which was there was ghost in my grandmothers house named Mr. Mack. So I turned over and layed on my other side looking at the foot of my bed and I go "Hey Mr. Mack can you please move? I gotta go to school tomorrow." Right after I said that whatever was at the foot of my bed left. The next morning I told my mom about it and sat there for a minute with a smile on her face and said "I told you there was a ghost in Grannys' house."

My grandmother has checked the history of her house before and there was a man thrown off of the balcony in the late 1800s for cheating in a poker game.

There is even a head stone in her front yard. I'm not usre if it is the headstone of the man that was killed or if it is just the headstone of a random person. I have tryed several times to read what it said but between moss and erosion it is impossible.

Submitted by Jay P. (04/14/08)

Rick's Ghost

I think I have had it my whole life but really never noticed it as much until after I had many life threatening situations with my pancreas. So being closer to death, it seems that I may have "awakened" this ability and have noticed it even more over the past few years.

When I was little I had several experiences with seeing my relatives who passed unexpectedly. Why they came to me, I haven't a clue. Then it stopped. In 1987, after losing my 2nd husband to his suicide, I started seeing more and more things happening around me, like things moving without anyone touching them, while I was alone. That was when I lived in the A-Frame house.

After moving away from that house, because some of the things moving attacked me, things still happened in this house I live in, many times, but not as much. I guess I got to the point of not paying any attention to it.

I remember one day being in a store, walking down the toy area, a wigi board fell off the shelf in front of me. I really didn't want to touch it, because of things I had heard about it, but me being the nice person I am, I picked it up and sit it back on the shelf. The arrow that sits on top of it, flew off across the way, and I ran out of the store. I haven't been back since.

Ever since that time, I have had so many experiences with objects moving around me and many premenitions daily. I really have no clue to why I was picked to have these things happen with me. I have noticed it more and more each day, with most of my thoughts happening within a few minutes to a few hours, very rarely do they happen within a few days. Not that they haven't done that too!

What's funny is when I say something to myself and then someone says it out loud. It makes me laugh, almost like I read their mind. I don't tell them that, because they would think I could read minds or

I'm not scared anymore, as I use to be. I have excepted it as part of my life experiences. There isn't many people who know of my abilities, except my family and closes friends. The ones I have mentioned it to, like a counselor, seems to think I'm crazy, even though I haven't been told that. Haha, maybe I am reading their mind...So I don't talk about it much anymore to outsiders.

Everyone I know is always calling to talk to me about things in their lives and asking me Maybe I should have been a spiritual advisor, but I have no clue on how to start or what to do in that aspect, haha.

All I know is, its really weird to say the least.

Submitted by Theresa (04/17/08)

Cosmic Caverns Happenings

I am their Group Sales Director now and I used to work here a long time ago for about 8 years. I have had things happen in the cave and the old gift shop that was really strange, however, this is the first time that I have ever seen anything outside.

Jimmy and I were sitting on the front porch yesterday and it had been storming just before we went out. It quit while we were outside and I was looking down the hill towards the basketball court and there are two basketballs sitting in the grass by the court. All of a sudden, one of the basketballs came up straight out of the grass and I watched it go over onto the court and bounced twice. Then it rolled off the court on the other end. There was no one there! Jimmy saw it roll off the court and asked what I thought made it do that – I turned to him with my mouth open and asked why did it come up off the grass, bounce twice and roll off the court???? His view of the whole court was blocked by a car in the drive. He couldn’t believe it! There was no wind, and even if there were, it would not have picked it straight up and bounced it twice? He then got to thinking about it and said that it couldn’t have bounced, because they are both flat…. Angie went down to check both balls and they would not bounce because they are so flat. I kept looking around to make sure I just didn’t see anyone, but there was no one there. Jimmy said that I was as white as a ghost when I looked at him and asked him that. It was really freaky!

So, that is the first time anything outside has ever happened that I have witnessed, heard or noticed. I just still can’t believe that I saw it and “who or what” did it?

Submitted by Rexanna (04/26/08)

Haunted House - Glowing Red Figure

When I was younger and lived in Utah with my family we lived in a home that everyone who would visit would have their own personal experience with some type of phenomena. I myself personally had many occurences at the home, and now that I am older would love to visit yet with the memories I am scared.

At 5 years old my brothers and I were outside playing it was dusk and time to go in. They decided that we would race and I tool the shortcut by going in the backdoor of the house. This also led into the basement, I was running up the stairs to the kitchen as a red glowing figure grabbed my leg and litterly pulled me back down the stairs. Of course I was extremely frightened I did fight, as well as screamed at which time it let me go.Again, a friend was staying the night with me and we went to my bedroom to play, when we walked in the room there was a red glowing face in the window.

On another occasion, my parents were fighting one night, my mom was sleeping in my bedroom and their bedroom had two doors to it. My dad said he heard footsteps and seen a white figure walk in one door stop at the foot of the bed and turn to walk out the other door. At this time he got up to follow the figure which went into the bathroom came out and went through my bedroom door. When he opened the door it was gone.

We made a bedroom in the basement for my brothers, which I always slept with them because the house was scary. One night something woke my brother up shaking him telling him to get up the house was on fire. Anthony woke up Paul telling him to stop it wasnt funny. They went back to sleep and it happened another two times the same night. The third time he was shaken awake telling him to get out, it was on fire. When that happened we could actually smell something burning in the house, but could find nothing.

Also, we had a sewing room in the house that my brother Paul used for a bedroom for a while. One night while laying there trying to go to sleep, he seen a figure come in from the basement stairs walk over to the sink in the kitchen as if to get a drink and turn to go back to the basement.

My uncle came to visit and was sleeping in the living room, he was woken up to the figure of a man in his underwear and a woman in a purple nightgown making coffee at 2am at this point and time my mother had never owned a purple nightgown.

Submitted by Maria D. (05/20/08)