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The Vanishing Visitor

One night back in 2004, I just got in bed, put my feet under the covers and reached up to turn my lamp off. I was laying there and all the sudden I felt someone or something sit down next to my leg on the bed. I could feel the pressure. I nugged my husband Larry, now ex, with my elbow to wake him.

He woke and asked me what the heck I wanted. I asked him where our chihuahua was and he told me she was laying under the covers next to his rearend. Why? I asked him where our dalmation was and he said looking across the room, she was in her bed, why are you asking me this? I'm trying to sleep. I told him that someone or something is sitting on the edge of the bed next to my leg and I can feel it. He said oh no! As he was reaching to turn on the lamp on his side of the bed to see. I then told him I felt the bed rise back up, as if someone or something got up. My husband left the light on the entire night and neither of us could sleep.

Several months after my husband left me in 2005, I was in the bathroom brushing my hair and getting ready for work. I always clean out the brush of hair and throw it in the trash can behind me. As I turned around to put the hair in the can, it was gone. I looked around and said to myself, what in the world? That trash can had been in the same place for about 5 years. I thought that was odd. So when my daughter came home for the weekend, I asked her if she moved my trash can some where else in the house. She told me that she has never touched that trash can, and has one of her own. We both looked for it and never found it. One day, about one week later, after coming home from work, I went to the bathroom to take my bath and that trash can was back in the same spot it was as before. Now that tripped me out because I was the only one there and my daughter wasn't coming home for another week. I called her and told her about the trash can reappearing and she laughed and said, mom I think you have a ghost. I have never mentioned ghost to her at all because I didn't want to scare her.

A few days later, I was going into my computer room to check my e-mail, I had two computers working at the time. The computer that my daughter uses came on by itself. I always turned them off before I leave for work. This happened several times in several months, including I always pushed my computer chairs directly under the desk after getting up and turning off the computers. One day I came home and the computer chair to the computer that comes on by itself, was turned completely around and facing the other computer. No one was living there but me, until Rick moved in Feb 2006. I even put tape on the doors to see if it was pulled away before entering the room and the chair would still get moved to where it was.

After Rick moved in, my chihuahua was sitting on the end of our bed. We had the bed room door closed and in the hallway, we had a motion light that would come on for 1 minute or less if someone came walking up the hallway stairs, this was so you wouldn't fall in the dark. My chihuahua sat there looking at the door turning her head back and forth, side to side, wiggling her ears as if she could hear something. Then she started growling loudly. Rick and I were asking her whats wrong girl? We both looked at each other and then looked at the door where she was growling and all the sudden we seen the hall motion light come on, shining through the bottom of our bedroom door and the chihuahua totally went buzurk barking. Rick got up and looked down the hallway and said he couldn't see anything down there. It took us a couple of hours of talking about it before we both could fall asleep.

I can tell you that one day back in 1998, my husband and I was on vacation and went to a place in Eureka Springs that had all these neat hanging things and odd stuff all around the place. As soon as we walked in the door out of the corner of my eye, I noticed the lady running the business, she was large boned, dressed in a long black dress, long painted fingernails, had very long black hair, her make-up was really pretty, but she looked to be a witch. Not ugly and not beautiful, but pretty. I whispered to my husband at the time that I felt weird and was ready to leave that place. As we were headed for the door, that lady came right up to me, stopped us at the door and grabbed both of my hands. She looked at me right in the eyes and told me that I was very special and had special abilities of a medium. Then told me that someday I would be able to figure things out and understand what she was talking about. At the time my husband and I both thought that was totally crazy and weird. Since then, I have been more interested in the paranormal and always aware of my surroundings.

Submitted by Theresa B. (04/28/07)

Shadow Children

Let's see.. from the age of 13 to 16 we lived in a house in Dardanelle that had a lot of strange things going on. I had always heard that at one point in history, that there used to be a bunch of slaves that lived in this particular area of Dardanelle. There was even old pictures of some of them in the shed in the back yard of this place.

Anyway, shortly after we moved into this house, my dad kept saying that he was seeing things in the hallway. He could only catch them out of the corner of his eye, he could never see them head on.. until one night!!! We were sitting in the living room watching a movie, and my dad goes "April.. April.. come here." Without saying a word, my dad turns his head and looks down the hall, so I do the same. All we could see was two figures standing at the end of the hall. We could not make out any specific details about them, but they appeared to be looking back at us, then.. cross my heart.. I swear to ya.. one of them waved at us, so we waved back.

Then more strange things started going on, like my mom's little figurines would be turned around, and keys would be moved, etc. Then one night I was having a sleep over, and the "ghosts" had a ball messing with my friends minds. We were all lying in the living room floor talking and just having a good ole time when we noticed that the ceiling fan was going around in circles very slowly. I tried to play it off like it was the air vent blowing the blades, and it worked up until the fan stopped and then started going the other direction. So then I had to let them know what was really going on. Man it freaked them out, and I guess the sprits knew this because they continued with their fun. The T.V. volume kept going up and down, weird sounds and heavy thumps, etc. Well finally things settled down, and one of my friends went to go sleep in my bed while me and the others stayed up in the living room. About 30 minutes later, she comes running out of my bedroom screaming to high heaven and crying. I said "What in the world is wrong with you?" and all she could say was "Your bed and radio" so we all went in there to see what she was talking about. Sure enough, the radio was changing channels. You could even see the orange dial moving from side to side. Well, one of my other friends asked her what happend on the bed, and she said that she kept feeling someone sit down on it, and then get up. She said it happend several times in a row. I thought that was odd because it had never happend to me before. Well, needless to say, we had to take a few of my friends home because they were just way too freaked out by what was going on.

So, about a month later I got to experience the bed thing. I was lying there in bed one night, and I felt someone sit on the edge. I looked up and no one was there. I couldn't even see a dent in the bed like some people say they can see, but it still felt like someone was there. So I calmly said "Could you please move?" and they did, right over to the other side. This continued on for the remainder of our time at this house. It didn't happen every night, but it did happen at least once a week.

Oh, and then about a year before we moved out of this house, we had gotten a pool table and had it set up in the garage, and sometimes we could hear the balls being smacked together. One time me and dad went down there to check it out one night when it was going on, and we could see the balls moving from side to side in the holder thing. The only other thing that happend in this house is that doors would open up slightly like someone was peeking in a checking in on ya. That was a little weird sometimes.. like when you're in the bathroom!!!

But anywho, that's about it. That was a very interesting house to live in. My friends never wanted to come back over, lol, but I sure enjoyed living there. I never once felt threatend or scared about any of it.

Submitted by April F. (04/30/07)

Hell's Half Acre

Well, we went up there last year (Hell's Half Acre) and we were given inaccurate directions by several of the locals. However, we did interview a few of the locals that have lived in that area a while and some folks who had just moved into the area. Apparently it is a hot spot for the paranormal. One lady said she had something like "Poltergeist" in her kitchen, where chairs were rearranging themselves and sliding across the floor. She said she woke her husband up one night to come in and sit with her in the living room to watch it and they BOTH sat there quietly with the lights out and watched the chairs moving around in the kitchen! She wanted our resident "medium" to come in there and feel things out but after our "medium" had her little episode last year with evil spirits at the train tracks, I made the executive decision that she no longer carry the title of medium and she stay the heck out of places like that.

It was horrible. We were visiting a lady's house who basically invited us out there to Butterfield last year. I'm not a psychic or spiritual medium by any means of the words, but I feel things deeply and when we got out of the vehicle in front of Linda's house my flesh was crawling. Every instinct that I don't attribute to anything logical was screaming at me to get back in the car and leave. Still, we had our cameras and our digital recorder and away we went onto this forsaken property.

When I walked in the door of the house the feeling changed. The outside of the house, the yard and the woods behind the house is so eerie I can scarcely define it. The inside of the house, however, feels like a cacophony of spiritual residue flung at someone all at the same time. There's definitely a child involved, but there is also an older gentleman and then there's something else - something vile and disgusting. The men in our group are numb from the brain down. They didn't feel anything nor were they tormented by anything. They just carried cameras and meandered through like it was nothing.

Yes, I have a vivid imagination but I was definitely trying to keep an open mind and be logical about all this at the same time as I take these kinds of things seriously and there'll be no histrionics on my watch from me or any of the other women in my crew.

There was a room in the back of the house whose windows had been completely painted over. The glass, Larry, they had painted over the glass in these windows! There was NO organic flow through in this room. It felt like a tomb. As I walked around the room, really not saying a lot but just taking pictures, I got to the far corner of the room and I felt an overwhelming need to escape all of a sudden. Then Marie opened the closet door adjacent to me and it was as if a cold wind rushed out and pushed me back against those cold, painted windows. Now, I'm not a screamer and I don't startle easy, so I was standing there shooting into the closet the whole time. Didn't catch a darned thing on camera, and I did not run away from it, but somewhere in my subconscious I said a short prayer.

Then we went outside. The outside was, as I said, an eerie place. Not being a medium I cannot fathom what went on out there, but my imagination went nutso and I could see people hanging from the trees by their necks and the ground just saturated with human blood. Of course, that's just my imagination going on a rampage because there was NOTHING in those trees. We were really not talking about what we felt. We weren't talking much at all, my group. Linda was out there and telling us how her son drowned in the pond behind the house and how they weren't able to save him even doing CPR. Hm, says I, there's the child spirit I'm feeling.

But the evil didn't make sense as Linda hadn't said anything about the land having been KKK property or lynching ground or anything. She may not have known and I have not further investigated because of what happened next.

Marie and I were alone at the back of the house, the outside of the painted room. I felt an overwhelming nausea suddenly which passed through me and then Marie felt nauseated and then weak and reached up to touch the house and she was gasping and saying "take a picture, quick" and I shot in the dark 3-4 times. Oddly enough, I had been shooting in black and white all night long. I have several DSLRs and I find that shooting with the Evolt in black and white and then shooting the same scene with the EOS gives me a better perspective. Just changing it from color to B&W in Photoshop doesn't have the same effect. Anyway, long and short, I was shooting as I said in black and white and the image I shot of her when she was gasping for air was in color, three of them were in color and then we were back to black and white again. Two of them were so blurry you couldn't make a whole lot out but the third clearly shows a chartreuse/lime green entity, whose tail is on one side of Marie's body and the face is on the other. It is horrifying to look at, particularly knowing what happened later.

We then went to the Rector House. It was a wash because everyone and their dog was out there. Teen-agers are drawn out there for the sheer thrill of being somewhere that is supposedly haunted. Satanists come out there to perform their variety of rituals. We did not stay very long. While we were inside though it was as if someone was watching us. I felt a little dizzy, but it could have been from the pot smoke oozing through the cracks in the floor (the kids were under the house smoking away). The girls and I determined that we were ready to go and Marie kept saying she felt like she was choking. I said "pack up" so away we went. We got off the front porch and stood under the moonlight in the front yard of the Rector House (Mayberry) and set up the tripods again and with the shutter wide open I clicked the remote every 60 seconds or so. Amy was shooting with her little point-and-shoot and Marie was still having trouble breathing and was wanting to walk further from the house. Surely enough we did and walked all the way to the car. I didn't have the keys so we basically just stood there and waited for the boys to come out. They were filming and talking and having a grand old time, unaware of our situation.

The moon was really bright that night and Amy and I started ambling along the driveway back into the woods where there was a clearing. Amy said "we're not going back there are we" I said "no, not this time". Just then my sister yelled at me to come there. Marie had collapsed in her arms and had fallen to the ground. Keri was holding her and fanning her face. Keri said she had been holding her neck, like something was choking her and then she bent over and vomited and then fainted. I screamed for the boys to come on back (one of them was her husband) and we all gathered around and started praying for her.

I had given her a crucifix earlier in the evening because she wasn't feeling real sure about herself. I thought maybe it would give her some courage. While we were praying over her, she looked up at us and pulled the crucifix away from her neck and there were red whelps where the crucifix had been laying - in the perfect shape of it - on the flesh of her chest.

We headed immediately back to Linda's house.

It seems that Marie picked up a little more than she bargained for at Linda's and it was my intention to put it back. I'm not a priest and I'm nobody special, but a profound believe in God and Jesus Christ and there cannot be belief in one without belief in the other - so I know there is such a thing as Satan. Anyway, having said all that, we went back to Linda's and I kept hearing this laughter in my head and a growling voice (this could all be imagination) saying "you can't hurt me, if you try I'll hurt everything you hold dear". I didn't respond. I don't talk to voices in my head - ha ha ha.

So we went back to Linda's and Marie could scarcely walk at this point. Her eyes were all blurry and hazy and she was weak and nauseated. Amy (my cousin) and Keri (my sister) were helping me get her back to the point where I figured it probably happened and I had told Amy to let me go because although I didn't talk to the voices in my head, I did pay attention to their warning and Amy is quite dear to me. She refused to let me go thinking I'm some tower of strength (which I am not) and I began to pray for Marie and speak to whatever was haunting her. I could hear Amy breathing heavily to my right as I clutched to Marie's arm at my left and whispered to whatever entity that was brave enough to attack her that it was not welcomed in this vessel. So on and so forth. I could feel Amy beginning to drag on me, like she was about to faint.

As quickly as it started, it was over. With a muttering of faithful prayer, and profound belief, and prayers that nobody else but me and Marie could possibly have heard as I was whispering not yelling, everyone including Amy started looking around like the flood had abated and whatever was pressing down on all of us had gone. Marie was fine. She looked at me and looked at her husband and said "it's gone".

After that, regardless of how "fake" or "put on" it sounds, I have refused to allow Marie into anymore of those situations where there could possibly be an entity that wants to seek refuge in a human vessel. Apparently she is not much of a psychic but it is possible that she can channel - she just does not know how. Until she's had some training by someone better versed in all this mess than we are, I just don't see a need to get her hurt, spiritually, emotionally or heaven forbid physically. That is also, I suppose, part of the reason we haven't gone back out since then. I'm not personally afraid for myself, but I do worry about those around me. I'm certain of my hereafter and what I believe, but I cannot say the same for the rest of my crew - and that part scares me to death - to think I may be responsible for one of them getting hurt.

Anyway, that's our last adventure. Yes I would LOVE to go back out. I would love to look for evidence of the paranormal, but I do not want to take Marie to anywhere that may be considered demonic and Hell's Half Acre is precisely that, according to legend.

Submitted by Shannon S. (05/01/07)

A Father's Love Never Dies

In July of 2005, my son-in -law passed away suddenley. He drowned in the family swimming pool. My daughter and him(Jamie and Randy) were divorced a few months prior to the drowning, but were talking about getting back together. They have 2 boys, ages 6 and 7 now.

Just before Randy's death, Jamie moved into a mobile home down the street from me. Everything was fine. A few months after she moved in, as the Christmas holidays were approaching, Jamie noticed things were different. The boys started acting funny about going into the front bedroom after dark, someone had to be with them. They had to sleep with the light on & they said someone was in there.

The youngest, Matthew (Matt), said he saw a monster in the TV in that bedroom and was frightened. He would also wake up in the middle of the night crying for his daddy, then appear to be talking to him when Jamie would check on him.

As time went on, Jamie would feel someone stroking her arm, or playing with her hair during the night. At one point she woke up and thought she saw a figure at the foot of the bed looking at her. She described this as a red-faced, evil looking figure. It frightened her. Little strange things continued to occur, such as feelings of coldness at times.

I happened to run into an old friend of my brother’s via the internet and discovered she is a paranormal investigator. I found that interesting & told her that my daughter might like to meet her. She said “That’s it, don’t say any more. I’ll come see her but don’t tell me anything.” So I didn’t.

Julie came out to meet my daughter and as soon as she arrived at the home she felt a LOT of “energy” as she called it. Julie asked my daughter “What do you want to know?” All Jamie said was “I want to know what happened.” She asked if she showed Julie a picture if it might help her get a reading or something. Julie said she didn’t like doing that but she would.

When the picture was given to her, she started shaking. She said she would rather do this outside. While we were outside talking (no one was inside the home), there were loud banging noises coming from inside. It sounded like someone, or something, threw a heavy object against the wall. Mind you I was sitting in a chair outside very close to the home and felt the impact at the time!

Julie asked permission to record inside. My daughter said “Sure!” and that is when we caught the first EVP. Because of that recording, Julie asked if she could bring her team out to do an investigation. They came out and got some EVP’s, and I also had my video camera going and I captured a few strange things on that (still need to be reviewed). What I caught looked like a heat wave or some figure walking infront of the camera in the living room. I also picked up whispers on the video camera’s audio.

To this day, strange things still happen. It did calm down for a short time but it has since started back up again. We have scheduled another investigation for July 10th, the anniversary of Randy’s death. We’d like to see if maybe it is him trying to communicate. My daughter and I have been going to a place for psychic readings and they say that Randy is with us to help protect the boys but that there are also other spirits here and it is confusing the communication.

Submitted by Betty P. (05/15/07)

Haunted Helena

There are countless events surrounding Helena Arkansas. Over the course of time that I've stayed there I have eye-witnessed several dozen different phenomena. Things that went bump in the night to just down right unexplainable from figures of men and women, flaming balls, voices, and ''what the heck was that''.

I can tell several but one of my favorite is the guy in the woods. I was only about 7 or 8 at the time and I always loved going walking in the woods. I took my BB gun everytime I went. I always loved the outdoors. One day I stumbled upon a figure of what represented itself as a man and it was just sitting there not moving at all and then after a little bit it vanished. It wasnt always there but over the course of time I kept seeing it. There was never a set time when he would show up; he just appeared. After a while I got brave enough to get closer and it seemed the closer I got, the colder chill I got. It didnt start getting colder until I got within maybe 20 feet from it and I think I made it to 10 feet when I could tell it was a man.

He did have a mustache and his body outline was somewhat distorted as if you were looking at your reflection in the water. It just seemed as if he was just waiting on someone or something; It never threatened me or made a sound. He was just there and then gone. He was always there and as far as I know he is possibly still there. I saw the same figure in the same spot for over 5 years.

Submitted by Tim H. (07/09/07)