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ARPAST strives to provide the highest quality in all of our endeavors. Integral to that goal is the requirement that our membership roster consist of individuals who are of the highest caliber. We welcome individuals with a strong commitment and dedication to expanding their knowledge of the field while furthering the organizational mission and goals.

Why join ARPAST? Simply stated: WE ARE THE BEST! Membership in ARPAST is extremely rewarding and offers a unique opportunity to participate in ongoing research programs and activities which contribute to expanding scientific knowledge of paranormal and anomalous phenomena. Additionally, you will have access to research, training, and equipment which is simply unparalled in the field. Compare our professionalism, methodology, and reputation, and you will agree - WE ARE THE BEST!

Members are strongly encouraged to attend the monthly meetings which are usually held on the first Friday of every month. Our agenda for these meetings include evidence review, training, investigation planning, and other topics. In order to be eligible to attend investigations, you must attend the meetings!

ARPAST reserves the right to conduct background checks on any applicant and to verify the accuracy or legitimacy for truthfulness of any information contained within the submitted entry.


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