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Frequently Asked Questions

ARPAST frequently receives a wide variety of inquiries. In an effort to provide this information in an easily accessible form, we have placed several of the most frequently asked questions online.

Q: Where are your pictures?

A: The vast majority of analog and digital data captured would be relatively meaningless to those without the proper interpretive training. As a result, our official policy is to not post the "results" of our investigations publicly. All recorded data is entered into our research database and made available to legitimate scientific entities requesting access via our database access request form.

Q: Have you ever seen a ghost?

A: First of all, we do not know if "ghosts" exist as nothing has ever been unilaterally proven. However, many of our members have experienced events that could not be immediately explained by conventional science. Whether that constitutes a "ghost" or not - we do not know - however, we have made it our goal to understand the answer to this question.

Q: Can you tell me if I captured a ghost in a photo I took?
A: Unfortunately, due to the guidelines related to our research, we cannot post "anomalous" photos that individuals outside of ARPAST send to our group nor do we recommend that you send us your pictures. Because any number of occurrences could cause strange things to appear in a picture, we cannot confirm whether an anomaly is paranormal or not unless it occurs under our strictly controlled conditions.

Q: Are ghosts real? Have they been proven/disproven by science?
A: According to a 2005 Gallup Poll, over one third (1/3) of all Americans believe in ghosts. A belief that is usually used to explain such phenomena as objects mysteriously disappearing/reappearing or moving seemingly by themselves, unexplained mists, apparitions, or orbs, failure of electrical equipment, strange noises or odors, and more. In truth, no one has been able to prove, without a doubt, that these phenomena are caused by a human or otherworldly spirit. It is the mission of ARPAST to study and attempt to determine the mechanics of such phenomenon in an attempt to better understand any causes of this phenomenon, be it a "spirit" or other discovery.

Q: Is a poltergeist the same thing as ghost?

A: As posted by The Center for Paranormal Research and Investigation:

"Poltergeists (from the German, "noisy ghosts") usually manifest as strange electrical effects and unexplained movement of objects. At one time, these phenomena were thought to be due to ghosts, but after decades of investigations by researchers, notably by William G. Roll, the evidence now suggests that poltergeists are PK effects produced by one or more individuals, usually troubled adolescents. The term "RSPK," meaning "Recurrent Spontaneous PK," was coined to describe this concept."

Q: I want to start ghost hunting. Do you have any advice?
A: There are many different types of “ghosthunting” groups – each with their own goals. Our advice would be to examine WHY you want to “ghosthunt” and choose a group that matches your personal objectives. Get to know the group which you would like to associate with - many groups like to tout the "fact" that they are "scientific;" however, they may do nothing more than visit "spooky places" at night with their camcorders running - hardly a controlled scientific framework. Be aware that “ghosthunting” may involve a significant investment of time and money. Finally, we would like to make the public aware that ARPAST is not a “ghosthunting” group per se, but rather an organization of professionals engaged in strictly controlled scientific research with a special emphasis on paranormal phenomena.

Q: I think I have a ghost. Can you help me get rid of it?
A: We are NOT "ghost busters,” nor do we do "interventions", "cleansings”, or "exorcisms." BEWARE - those who claim to provide such "services" are likely propagating fraudulent claims. Since a paranormal phenomenon remains mostly unexplained, how could any individual or organization affectively provide those services? With that being said, ARPAST would certainly be interested in speaking with you regarding a controlled scientific study of your property. Please contact us by clicking this link.

Q: Where are you located and where will you do investigations?
A: We are located in the Central Arkansas area, however, we travel nationwide. We concentrate the majority of our investigations in the Arkansas, Texas, Oklahoma, Tennessee, and Missouri areas.

Q: I want to see a ghost. Can I come on an investigation?

A: On occasion, ARPAST does allow the public to attend special Public Events. These events will be posted to the official ARPAST website and message boards. However, ARPAST does not guarantee any kind of “paranormal” experience. It does not meet the mission of our organization to “hunt for ghosts” and our activities will not surround this agenda.

Q: How do I join ARPAST?
A: We are currently accepting applications for Researchers. If you are interested in joining ARPAST, please click here to begin the membership process.

Q: How much do you get paid to do this?
A: Absolutely nothing . All members are volunteers who generously give their time, money, and expertise to support this research. We NEVER charge a fee to those individuals who allow us access to their property. ARPAST is a true non-profit organization. We operate strictly from member support, private donations, and/or research grants. All monies collected go to pay expenses involved with our research such as website expenses, software, equipment purchases, etc.

Q: What do you do in your research?
A: ARPAST follows controlled scientific methods in our research. A series of experiments are determined and designed prior to an investigation. Once on site, these experiments are set up with multiple pieces of equipment to gather various environmental and empirical data. We attempt to corroborate all data collection with various different pieces of equipment and observational logs. All data collected is logged into a custom developed relational database upon which we run statistical analysis and trends.

Q: How do I contact you for an interview?
A: All media inquiries can be directed to Please include all pertinent information including your name, contact information, the name of your organization, any date or timeframe when you are requesting our availability, and where you are located. In most cases, we will respond within 24 – 48 hours.

Q: Can I advertise on your web site?
A: In general, we do not allow advertising on our site. However, if your organization wishes to help sponsor our research, we would be glad to include a link on our Collaborations page. Please direct all inquiries to