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ARPAST Equipment Inventory

ARPAST proudly maintains one of the largest and most comprehensive technical equipment inventories of any paranormal research organization in the country.

As we primarily seek to document, collect, and analyze environmental and corroborated data surrounding paranormal events, we believe that the proper utlization of technology provides us with the ability to capture scientifically valid data which we can use in the analysis and interpretation of anomalous phenomena.

While having such a wide range of equipment is important to cover any possible research need, the proper utilization is even more vital. To this end we conduct monthly training and refresher courses on the proper usage and interpretation of all equipment.

For information regarding some of the software applications which ARPAST utilizes in our research, you can click here.

Below is just a sampling of select equipment in our investigative inventory:


FLIR EX-320 thermal imaging camera (high resolution color 320 x 240 pixel array)
FLIR BCAM SD thermal imaging camera (high resolution color 120 x 120 pixel array)
Exergen Microscanner E Thermal Scanner
Mag-Temp Mel-8704 (30-300hz)
Cornet ED85EX RF field strength power meter (1MHz-8GHz)
eSmog Scout Lux
Tri-axial fluxgate magnetometer (up to 1 Gauss +/-10 Gauss)
AlphaLabs Earth magnetometer (.5% of reading +/-.5 max error)
Hand held geomagnetic / flux density detector (5-100milligauss)
Fluke 451p Air Ion Chamber Survey Meter (Beta above 1 MeV, Gamma and X-rays above 25 keV)
Air-ion counter (selectable 1,999,999 ions / cm3 version or 20,000,000 ions / cm3)
Hand held IAQ (indoor air quality) particle counter (0.3 - 10.0um)
Met One DustCheck particle counter (0 - 250 ug/m3, 0 - ug/m3)
CFM airflow meter (125-5900fpm, 14 - 122f)
Tri-Field Natural EM meter (qty. 2)
K-2 EMF meter with on/off modified toggle switch (qty. 2)
Kestrel 4500 Pocket Weather Tracker
Fluke Digital radiation counter (alpha, gamma, beta, x-ray. 0-10mR/hour)
Digital light meter (3 ranges cover 0 to 2,000 footcandles and 0 to 20,000lux)
Hand held type K, J thermocouple thermometer (qty. 4)
Hand held IR (laser) thermometer (qty. 3)
Digital humidity (hygrometer) and temperature meter (qty. 2)
Humidity and temperature data logger (lcd, -20 - 140f, RH: 10-95%)
Digital thermo anemometer (vane probe)
Digital sound level meter (auto/manual ranging 30 - 130dB in three 50dB level ranges)
Digital hand held ozone detection meter (0.5 - 10 ppm)
Hand held RF wideband detection meter (HF coverage 1mhz-6ghz)
2 channel universal frequency counter (dc to 225mhz - 3, 5, or 12.4ghz)
Agilent Wide band spectrum analyzer (3hz - 26ghz)
Hand held near field receiver (30mhz-3ghz)
Velleman Digital Thermometer
Custom 3-Axis "imaging" EMF meter w/datalogging (LCD)
Fluke CO220 carbon monoxide meter
Acurite Digital Thermometer
La Cross WS-9117U-IT 915MHz Remote Temperature Sensor
Geophone Seismic Microphone
Custom ELF 0-30hz analyzer (Standard, 3D and waterfall display)
Digital Dowsing EMF ITC


Wireless audio system (qty. 4 Nady wireless mics, receiver)
Bose QC2 noise-canceling headphones (closed ear)
Bose TriPort acoustic headphones (closed ear)
Sony MDR-NC6 Noise Cancelling Headphones
Sony MDR-V150 Dynamic Stereo Headphones
(closed ear)
Ultrasonic listening device (Frequency response: 36,000-44,000hz)
EVP Field Processor
m-Audio Microtrack 24/96 digital voice recorder (CF card)
External parabolic microphone
External cardioid microphone
Zoom H2 2 track Digital Recorder (SD card)
Zoom H4 4 track Digital Recorder (Micro SD) 
Olympus DS-30 Digital Recorder
Olympus WS-100 Digital Recorder

Olympus WS-110 Digital Recorder
Olympus VN-480PC Digital Recorder
Olympus VN-960PC Digital Recorder
Olympus VN-2000 Digital Recorder
Olympus VN-2100 Digital Recorder
(qty. 2)
Olympus VN-4100PC Digital Recorder
Olympus VN-5200PC Digital Recorder
Olympus DS-30 Digital Recorder (qty. 2)
RCA RP5030A Digital Recorder
RCA RP5120A Digital Recorder (qty. 2)
Sony ICD-8500 Digital Recorder
Sony ICD-B600 Digital Recorder (qty. 2)
Sony M-425 Micro-Cassette Recorder
Sony IC-DUX80 Digital Recorder
RadioShack Mini Amplifier
Digital Dowsing Ovilus I 
Digital Dowsing Ovilus II
Digital Dowsing Ovilus II rev. A 
Digital Dowsing Ovilus X
Digital Dowsing DTD 


16 channel 500gig H.264 Pentaplex DVR video/audio recorder w/integral DVD +/- -recorder
12" Portable LCD video monitor
Sony LCD for DVR 
Sony 520lpi 0-lux night vision camera (qty. 10)
Sony 520lpi 0-lux 36 LED night vision camera (qty. 4) 
Sony HDR-FX1 HD 1080i high-definition video camera (mini-DV)
Sony HDR-SR1 HD 1080i high-definition video camera (HD based)
Sony HDR-SR10 Video Camera
Sony HDR-HC5 Mini-DV Video Camera (w/ Sony-IR Night Shot Extender)
Sony Handycam High 8 + night vision
Sony DEC-W90 8.1MP Digital Camera
Sony DSC-H7 8.1MP Digital Camera
Sony DSC-S650 7.2MP Digital Camera
Sony DCR-TRV250 Digital 8 Video Camera (w/ night shot)
Sony Cybershot DSC-S500 6.0MP Digital Camera
Sony Cybershot DSC-W100 8.1MP Digital Camera
Sony Cybershot DSC-H1 5.1MP Digital Camera w/ 12X Zoom 
Sony DCR-TRV140 Digital 8 Video Camera (w/ night shot)
Sony DCR-TRV70 Mini DV Camera (w/ super night shot)
Sony MVC-FD73 Mavica 0.33MP Digital Camera
Sony HVL-IRM IR Light
Canon Power-shot A560 7.1MP Digital Camera
Canon Photura 35mm Camera
Canon PowerShot SD750 7.1MP Digital Camera
Canon PowerShot A530 5MP Digital Camera
Canon 7D 18.0MP  Digital Camera
Canon 580EX II E-TTL flash
Samsung Digimax A402 4.2MP Digital Camera
Samsung SCL810 8mm Hi8 Video Camera
Samsung Digital Video Camera (w/ night shot)
Kodak EasyShare CX7300 3.2MP Digital Camera
Kodak EasyShare C713 7.0MP Digital Camera
Kodak Easy Share C533 Digital Camera
Kodak DX7440 4.23MP Digital Camera
Litepanel LED IR kit (qty. 4)
ITT Gen III night vision scope (F4975) 
AN/PVS-14D night vision monocular (72lp, 19:1SNR) 
AN/PVS-7C night vision goggles (72lp, 40deg. FOV) 
Gen IV night vision monocular (ATN Night Spirit 4)
Hand held night-shot capable video cameras (tape and hard drive) 
HP PhotoSmart C30 1.0MP Digital Camera
Olympus D-380 2.0MP Digital Camera
Toshiba PDR-M25 3.2MP Digital Camera
VC GR-D870U Digital Video Camera
Lorex SG6190 Security Camera (w/ night vision)
Minolta Vectis 100 24mm Camera
Sima SL-20L IR Light
Aiptek 8.0MP Digital Video Camera
Nikon Coolpix S210 8.0MP Digital Camera
Custom Designed Full Spectrum Digital Camera
720nm, 850nm, 1000nm IR filters
(2) Polaroid DVC-0025F HD Digital Video Camera


Electromagnetic pulse generator (1-10mhz, damped sinusoid generator)
Earth ground resistance tester (20/200/2000ohm)
AC voltage detector (5vac-250vac)
Digital Scopemeter (Fluke 199B - 200mhz, 2.5 GS/per input, 400ps res.)
Solid State Tesla Coils SSTC-3.8 (40" arc)
(2) Honda EB6500 6500 watt regulated power generators
SureTest ST-1D Branch Circuit Analyzer


Apple Macbook Pro (OS X)
Apple Macbook Air (OS X)

IBM Thinkpad T60p (Windows XP)
IBM Thinkpad Z60t (Ubuntu 8.04)
HP Compaq TC4400 (Windows XP)
Dell Latitude 120L (Windows XP)
Dell Latitude D531 (Windows Vista)
Dell Inspiron 1150 (Windows XP)
Dell Dimension XPS-420 (Windows Vista)
Dell Precision 470 (SUSE Linux 10.0)
Acer Inspire (Windows Vista)
Fujitsu ScanSnap S510M

Sony Vaio VGN CS 325


Motorola CP100 VHF radios w/headsets (qty. 14)
ADS-SR1 Simplex Repeater

Navigation / Mapping

Hand held color GPS (Garmin GPSMAP 60CSx)
M2 compass
(slope, angle of site, azimuth, compass)
Garmin Nuvi 750 GPS
Hand held laser distance measurer (Leica Disto A6)
BOSCH DLR165K Laser rangefinder


High-power infrared illuminator (200,000 candle power, 830nm)
54 LED UV flashlight (395nm)
PGL-III Laser (532nm, 240mW)
IR Laser (850nm, 8mW)
Voice Stress Analyzer
Bausch and Lomb Scientific Microscope
Bausch and Lomb Dissecting Scope
IR Motion Detector (x4)
Ridgid SeeSnake Micro Inspection Camera
(160 x 234  color)
Paracorder EVP Booster 
Paracorder 667 Electrostatic Detector 

Custom Developed

Custom designed negative ion detector
Custom designed 20" parabolic microphone system
(2 input, 2 output. 10hz-20khz.)
Custom designed white/pink noise generator
Custom designed remotely deployable tri-axial EMF meters (qty. 4)
Custom designed advanced EVP capture system (ongoing research project)
Custom designed high-output negative ion / EMF device "ghost baiter" (ongoing research project)
Custom designed Faraday Cage - 48" x 48"
Custom designed video motion stabilization system
Custom designed laser burst pattern generator
Custom designed IR flood 850nm hotshoe mount
Custom designed Kenom 405nm 1watt laser
Custom designed stereo ultrasonic sensor 
Custom designed Geopod
Custom designed full spectrum LED illuminator
Custom 4 channel handheld DVR w/display