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ARPAST Benefactors

is a non-profit research organization. We NEVER charge for our services; however, we do incur significant overhead and operational costs related to our research.

The following people have contributed to the ARPAST Research Fund and met with requirements to hold the benefactor status. We greatly appreciate their support. If you'd like to become a benefactor, please visit the donations page.

  • David Hill
  • Tomas Barreto
  • Vicki Shelton
  • Ron Hettiger
  • Stephanie Agresta
  • Donna Hearth
  • Randy Hufford
  • Keith Wedeking
  • Brandon Redd
  • Robin Powell
  • Donna Shook
  • Yanira Marroquin
  • John Mimms
  • Gary Varner
  • Bruce Holsted