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About Us

ARPAST was legally formed in early 2007 (click here to view our articles of incorporation) due to the recognized need for a legitimate science-based paranormal research team. After exhaustive searching, we decided to form this organization as an alternative to the many existing groups which mistakenly believe that they are following scientific procedure or protocol when investigating supposedly "haunted" locations. Many of these groups do nothing more than treat an investigation as a social event while visiting dark and "spooky" places with their camcorders or tape recorders running. This is in stark contrast to any known controlled scientific methodology or framework.

We seek to differentiate ourselves from other "ghost hunting" groups via our extensive training, knowledge, equipment, experience, and commitment to this field of research.

Additionally, unlike other organizations, the mission of our group is not to "prove" or "disprove" the existence of ghosts or spirits. ARPAST primarily focuses on understanding underlying environmental or quantum variables which might exist in a location purported to be "haunted." As a result, our official policy dictates that we do not post the "results" of our investigations publicly. All recorded data is entered into our research database and made available to legitimate scientific entities requesting access via our database access request form.

Utilizing strict SCIENTIFIC methods and controls, we aim to obtain empirical evidence and data while striving for reproducibility under controlled test environments. One of our goals is to provide new theories regarding unexplained phenomena which can be reproduced within a controlled environment. For more information on some of our research programs click here.

We are healthy skeptics - NOT debunkers. By definition, a skeptic "takes a scientific, or practical, position in which one questions the veracity of claims, and seeks to prove or disprove them using the scientific method" whereas a debunker "exposes "

Our credibility is paramount, and unlike many other groups, we DO NOT work with psychics or conduct investigations using metaphysical, "new age" mysticism, or quasi-religious methods.

Also, unlike many other organizations, ARPAST does not claim to be experts in the paranormal as we believe that it is impossible to quantify such - no matter what or who makes the claim.

ARPAST has applied for 501(c)3 non-profit/tax-exempt status, and are awaiting final disposition. All of our research and investigations are conducted free of charge. Financing of this organization is made possible through individual member support, private donations, group sponsored fund raising events, and/or research grants. Once our tax-exempt status has been granted, any donations provided to this organization will be tax deductible.

If you are interested in joining ARPAST, please click here to begin the process.