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Above Top Secret

Title: Above Top Secret
Author: Jim Marrs
Reviewed by: Nick Redfern


Before I begin this review of Jim Marrs' new book, Above Top Secret, I have to say that it is a title to which I was asked to contribute a significant body of material.

Nevertheless, I can state with certainty that this has no bearing on the fact that I consider Jim's latest title to be first-class!

As readers of Jim's earlier books, such as Crossfire, Alien Agenda, Rule by Secrecy, and The Rise of the Fourth Reich will be acutely aware, Jim has an extraordinary knowledge of all-things of a distinctly conspiratorial nature - and this fact shines through in Above Top Secret.

And if, like me, you too are a devotee of all-things-conspiratorial, then this is most definitely the book for you.

Within its packed, 284-pages, you'll find chapters on a whole range of cover-ups, high-level shenanigans, and much more, including:

1. A wealth of material on the controversy surrounding the events of 9/11;

2. A detailed look at the assassination of President John F. Kennedy at Dealey Plaza, Dallas in November 1963;

3. The issue of what did - or, indeed, did not - crash at Roswell, New Mexico in the summer of 1947;

4. A study of the claims that the Moon-landings were either in part or in whole hoaxed;

5. The recent controversy of the UFO "drones" that dominated much of the UFO arena in 2007;

6. The "Free Energy" issue;

7. The weird story of alleged time-traveller John Titor;

8. The Mayan prophecies pertaining to 2012;

9. Chemtrails and the many and varied issues that a discussion of the subject provokes;

10. Conspiracies concerning the Federal Reserve; and much more, too.

The very good thing about Above Top Secret is that it allows the reader the opportunity to get concise - yet highly informative - data on each of the issues under discussion in a series of strong, self-contained chapters.

So, if you're brand new to the field of conspiracy research, Jim's latest book is a great place to start; as it will allow you to get up to speed on some of the biggest controversies of the modern age.

And, if you're a seasoned player in the field of cover-ups and official secrecy, you'll learn all the very latest data uncovered by the indefatigable Jim Marrs.

In an era of our civilization when nothing is quite as it seems, Above Top Secret is required reading!