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Mission statement

ARPAST is a science-based research group dedicated to furthering our measured understanding of anomalous and unexplained phenomena. Our goal is not to "prove" or "disprove" the existence of "ghosts" or "spirits." To carry such an agenda would be to presume an understanding of that which is not currently completely understood. 

We are NOT "ghost busters," nor do we do "interventions", "cleansings", or "exorcisms." BEWARE - those who claim to provide such "services" are irresponsibly propagating fraudulent claims. Since paranormal phenomena remains mostly unexplained, how could anyone effectively provide those services with any certainty of success?

To that end, our mission is to document, collect, and analyze environmental and corroborated data surrounding paranormal events, using scientific methodologies, state-of-the-art equipmentsoftware applications, and custom relational databases, while ruling out or uncovering any possible explanatory causes for such phenomena.

Utilizing this unique methodology, we hope to reveal and examine correlations while uncovering statistical trends which may lead us to better understand the mechanics of such phenomena. We believe that this, in turn, may lead to a better, objective understanding of the nature of the phenomena as well.

Monthly article

By ARPAST Member Lori Causey

Sounds Of The Earth?

ARPAST just had its 7th anniversary in February. Now it’s March 3, 2014 and this month will mark my 2nd year anniversary with ARPAST. And I must say I have learned so much.

I would like to write an article on a subject that I had done a little researching on back in September of 2013. I found a link on a local radio stations website that led me to videos shot and posted on, and these videos were shot in many different countries. Countries such as: Canada, Ukraine, USA, Holland, Russia, Germany, Czech Republic, Brazil, and Belgium, and I’m sure in many others as well.

The sounds I was hearing were amazing. I’m sure there is a scientific explanation. There has to be one. These videos gave me goose bumps. Some sound like trumpets coming from the environment or steel rubbing and twisting in an earthquake maybe (at least in my opinion.) In one of the videos it sounds like an army marching in the sky and the video was of some loggers in the middle of nowhere. They appeared to be so mesmerized that they stopped all of their equipment to listen to it. If you would like to see and listen to these videos, go to the website and in the search bar type in “Trumpets in the sky” click on the one that says “Strange Sounds in Terrece, BC Canada”. Also check out the one titled “Strange sound January 15, 2013”. These two people (man and woman) are snowshoeing in the woods close to their home.

The last video I watched was of a man who is an African Ancestor Tribe who teaches the “Wisdom of Elephants”. As I watched the video, I saw an elderly man playing and tapping a stringed instrument that is a circle. In this video he starts to laugh and points to the sky and says; “Watch this! A very deep story is coming (he laughs again) from the sky.” The sounds seemed to me to sound like trumpets. At the end of this video; as it fades to black, these words pop up on the screen, “Is this all a hoax or real?” Then it shows a picture of him next to an elephant. The video fades to black again and these words, “A Deep Story Coming from the Universe? From the sky?” The next words are “I don’t know this is all very strange to me.” 

Well in the last two years of being a part of ARPAST I have learned that people will do anything to get a reaction/attention. Some make fake paranormal pictures with all the new apps for the smart phones. They can cut and edit videos with out our knowledge. This is so sad that in some part gives paranormal researchers a bad name/rap. But as I stated in my last article, ARPAST’s motto is Proof, Truth, and Knowledge. So I ask you, as you watch and listen to these videos: is this true? Is this a hoax?

ARPAST members are very skeptical by nature. We are taught this from the beginning. We will try and debunk what has been told to us to the best of our ability and then determine via research if this might be a phenomenon that can be explained naturally. All of this is completed before we are able to say whether or not the phenomenon is paranormal.


ParaExplorers – The word itself is a juxtaposition of the concept of a “Pair of Explorers.” This play on words perfectly describes our mission and overall goal. We are two explorers who have embarked on a lifelong journey of knowledge, information and facts. Two souls united with the common objective and purpose of discovering universal truths regarding the world we live in.

Mystery, intrigue, and the unknown have been inextricably linked to the human experience since time immemorial. Within the context of rational science, there has been little serious interest shown from mainstream disciplines.

We are reminded of the legendary Star Trek preamble used in the title sequence of the original Star Trek:

“Space - the Final Frontier. These are the voyages of the starship Enterprise. Its five-year mission: To explore strange new worlds. To seek out new life and new civilizations. To boldly go where no man has gone before.”

Our ambitious goals are singularly focused, and closely mirror those of Captain Kirk’s intrepid starship explorers. Rather than exploring extraterrestrial, alien landscapes, we will instead focus on exploring strange new worlds right here on earth. Worlds which hereto forth remain wholly unexplored and uncharted. We will investigate both new and ancient civilizations and cultures. We will study all manner of unexplained phenomena in a scientifically objective manner.

We will boldly go where no man, or woman, has gone before.